A detailed guide for how to change ink in HP printer

HP printers have been one of the most significant lines of products that the brand manufactures and offers. They drive a large share of the brand’s revenue along with brand loyalty and goodwill built over the years. This informative read has been focused on introducing you to the situation when HP printers run out of ink and there is a need for replacement. We’ll share details that would be helpful in these conditions and will guide you to successfully go through the HP printer ink replacement procedure. In addition to that, you’d also understand the procedure you’d have to follow to open the printer for changing the ink. So, let’s move on to help you continue with your colorful and monochrome print experience HP printers.

change ink in HP printer

Understand how to open HP printer to change ink

This part of the read will not just provide you assistance with opening the HP printer but also help you with the HP Printer ink replacement. So, read on and get all the help you need:

  1. Begin with turning your HP printer on and give it time to start.
  2. Move on to fill up the input tray with unused print-compatible pages.
  3. Now, head to opening the cartridge access door, and wait for the cartridge to stop moving before you go on.
  4. Release the ink cartridge by lifting the lid on the slot and pushing it back.
  5. This is when you pull the ink cartridge out by removing it from its designated slot (go for the cartridge on the left).
  6. Carefully get the new cartridges out of their packs, follow the “Pull” sign to remove the black plastic cover on the cartridge.
  7. Ensure that the tri-color cartridge gets placed on the left and the black cartridge on the right.
  8. Once, it’s safely done, go on and close the access door for your HP printers’ ink cartridge.


  • You should know that HP Printer models – hp 8025 printer, hp Officejet 4650 printer, HP printer 4650, and HP printer Deskjet 3700, all follow the same procedure for a successful HP Printer ink replacement. And it goes as efficiently as it seems above.
  • You should also know that to put ink in HP printer, you need to be extremely careful and thorough with the steps. So, keep in mind that your safety is the priority.
  • However, if for some reason you still have issues with understanding the steps or performing them, go ahead and get in touch with the very skilled HP customer support.

Know about HP software that can help

As we already know that HP is the most technologically advanced hardware manufacturing brand in the industry, it would not be very surprising to know that HP has software solutions and management tools to help you enjoy your hardware time. Two of the most renowned software we’ll be discussing here are- HP Solution Center and HP Assistant or HP Printer Assistant. The assistant software has been exclusively designed to provide printer management tools online and has answers to each of your questions that relate to the printers including the resolution steps for HP Printer ink replacement. The other software- solution center is also a print management tool that comes in-built with your print devices. You would never be able to find a download option for this software, you just have to activate the service and ask for help. Be rest assured that the two software are everything that you need for an effective and smooth running printer.


As mentioned earlier, HP Printers always manage to drive in more revenue along with a huge user base and for that, it is known and used all over the world. Ink cartridges work for longer durations but they are entitled to get over some time. And that’s time for the HP Printer ink replacement procedure. This detailed read above will walk you through a brief introduction to HP Printers followed by the explicit steps for opening the printers and replacing the ink cartridges, and details on two globally renowned HP printer software.

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