Troubleshooting HP printer error

HP has been dominating the printer market for several years now and has never been on a downward slope. It has always been updated with the newest technologies and a better user experience. But, when we talk about technology, there are some unavoidable issues, and HP Printer error 0x8007007e is one such problem. HP has been working hard to provide the best services for its users and has come up with effective ways to solve any such issues with its products or services. Let’s move ahead and discuss the issue and how to fix it.

HP printer error

HP printers

Printers by HP vary from different price ranges and with several hi-tech global features. They simply work by connecting wires to your system or by connecting it to a Wi-Fi network. They offer both wired and wireless printers. They come in varied types, sizes, and models with high-resolution printing feature. Their printing procedure is said to be the most convenient compared to other brands. Although, it sometimes lead users to experience a few problems. It can cartridge blocks, connectivity issues, or even configuration errors like HP Printer error 0x8007007e. Let’s move on to see the issues the HP printers face.

HP printer issues

Listed below are a few user issues that HP Printers have been offering a solution to:

  • Paper Jams- Dirty paper, wrong paper type, unsettled paper tray, etc.
  • Faded Prints- Low on toner, low printing density, Economode turned on.
  • Ghosting- Power outlet issues
  • Configuration Problem- Bug report or bug updates

HP printer error

The major reason for the HP Printer error 0x8007007e is found in Windows 10 Microsoft Edge users due to bug updates. Other than that if for some reason drivers of your HP printers get malfunctioned/corrupted, you will be experiencing this extremely unexpected error.

Fix HP printer configuration issue

This problem is usually seen with users that have a Microsoft Edge browser. These users always get HP Printer error 0x8007007e message displayed on their computer screen. As mentioned above, it usually happens as a result of some bug updates on Windows 10. You might lose a few files in the update process, which is extremely difficult to recover. Therefore listed below are the steps you can use to troubleshoot the issue:

  1. Ensure up-to-date printer drivers.
  2. Ensure downloading and installing the newest printer firmware update.
  3. Ensure an updated operating system (Windows 10).
  4. Ensure eliminating All the Print Spooler Junk Files.
  5. Remember running all the Microsoft Windows Printer Troubleshooters.
  6. Reinstall your HP Printer.

Note: You can do this via the Windows Device Manager or the HP printer’s official webpage.

Support extended

HP Printer usually face issues that can be solved or fixed with a few troubleshooting steps that are mentioned above. However, officials at HP have come up and suggested its users get help from either HP Scan Doctor or HP Printer support. They scan the problem and then help you get over or fix these problems to move ahead and have a great user experience. Other than that, on visiting their webpage, you’ll find their phone number which is the best way to get in touch with their support team using their voice call and/or live chat feature.


HP is said to be the best brand offering high resolution and hi-tech printers that yield the maximum client utility. This read is focused on the errors or issues that users face while using the Windows 10 operating system and/or Microsoft Edge browser, especially the configuration issue that displays HP Printer error 0x8007007e message on the screen. Mentioned above are the issues faced by HP Printers, errors, resolution measures, and brief information on their support options.

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