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HP Printers Won’t Print and Problems

Printing has become very easy, its just a click away! Thanks to the latest technology that has enabled users to have prints of their documents and pictures whenever required. Various tech companies are in the race of making the best printing machines or printers as we call them. And here, one Tech giant surely stands apart when it comes to quality printing and that is HP. But despite being one of the most preferred name, HP printers are notimmune to technical issues like other counterparts.

So, let’s learn about some common issues faced by users and how can they be resolved. Of course,if a printer malfunctions, the first thing that happens is that the HP printer won’t print. Following are some common problems faced by users using HP Printers.

HP Printer won't print black

Such kind of issues are faced by inkjet printers. Although there can be many resolutions to this problem depending on the diagnosis of the problem. Let’s look at some common issues as why does not your HP printer print black.

  1. Plastic tape of Cartridge - Users should make sure that they should remove the plastic protective tape when they are installing the new black cartridge in the printer. If not done, It is impossible for the printer to provide it with printable ink.
  2. Printer Calibration - It may not seem important but it has been noticed that every time a new cartridge is installed, a user should calibrate the printer before use.
  3. Cartridge Alignment - After installing a new cartridge, the user should make sure that the cartridge has been fixed properly in the printer, else no proper connection will lead to no print.
  4. Cleaning - This may happen if your printer has not been in use for a long time and there are chances that your HP printer won't print from computer as the area of the cartridge ink may be jammed due to non-usage. Hence it is recommended that a user removes the panel and cleans it before printing. Also, not only the cartridge area, but the laser area too should be cleaned as there are chances that the lens area has some kind of obstruction.
  5. Empty Cartridge - Well, this is rarely bound to happen, unless the printer sensors have malfunctioned. Usually, the HP printer notifies the user from its LCD screen about the status of the ink available in the cartridge and informs when the percentage is low, so the user can refill it.

So, in the above points we saw some common issues and also tried to resolve them on the spot. But there are chances that your problem is not listed above so do not worry, just call HP Printer Support Number. They will be happy to receive your call and resolve your query at the earliest.

HP Printer Not Printing

Here, we will discuss problems related to ink cartridges that are common among users of HP printers. But, before we look into these problems, it is highly recommended that users of HP printers use only HP certified cartridges to avoid further issues.

The most common issue that people face is when they ask as, why is my HP printer not printing black ink? The answer could possibly be in the functioning of the cartridge, level of black ink available in the toner or could also be the age of the cartridge. So, depending upon the issue, solutions could be acquired.

HP Printer Troubleshooting

It is not necessary that there is a problem with the cartridge always, there could possibly a simple issue of lose connection! Yes, it might be that a user did not connect the printer correctly with the computer. Or if it is a HP wireless printer, then it is not connected properly. And, even if it is connected properly and still the machine is not visible on the list, then it is recommended to install HP Print and Scan Doctor on your Windows 10 computer or even on your Mac!

Once the HP printer is connected wirelessly, then the user can easily print word documents, can import and print high-quality color pictures from HP Photosmart series camera and more.

Common problems related to HP printers

Following are some common issues that users face while using HP printers. Let us understand and resolve them one by one.

How do you reset a printer?

Just follow the three simple steps to factory reset your HP Printer

  1. Turn off the printer and disconnect the power cable and then reconnect.
  2. Now turn on the printer and press and hold the “Resume” button. Attention light should turn on.
  3. Simply release the button and you see the “Attention” and “Ready” lights blink one after other.
  4. That’s it!

Why is my pdf not printing?

Make sure that the HP printer that you have connected with your computer is connected properly and try printing another file. If the other file prints correctly, then there must be an issue with the file that you are printing. Also, make sure that the file is not corrupt, ese re-download the file and try printing again.

How do I fix printer not detected?

If a user has connected the printer with a wire and the computer is not able to detect it, then make sure the wires are correctly and tightly plugged in. If the printer is a wireless one, re-start the network router in your home / office and try connecting the printer gain by selecting the network and entering the password.

How do I increase the darkness on my HP Printer?

Many a times, unknowingly, we might have changed some settings in the HP printer to which the resultant prints are dull or in other words not dark enough. So, to make sure that the darkness in the prints is restored, follow the given steps

  1. Click on “start” and then click on “Control Panel”
  2. Now select “Printers and Faxes”
  3. Right click on the printer whose darkness you want to change and select “Printing Preferences”
  4. Click on the “options” tab and then adjust the darkness as required
  5. Click ok

That was so simple. But just in case, it doesn’t work, then try adjusting the print speed.

Why is my printer ink smearing?

This generally happens when a user prints high quality prints on normal paper. For example, a hi-res photo is being printed on a normal office paper, which is not thick enough to soak the ink instantly and deliver a great result. Instead using a matte finish or a smooth and thick card paper to print such images.

Why is my printer quality poor?

There are three major reasons for the print quality turning poor. So, check them one-by-one and surely the quality will differ and improve. Firstly, check if the paper that you are using is of good quality. Next see weather the ink in the cartridge needs refilling and lastly, make sure that the printer is not running continuously. As consistent printing can lead to quality compromise.

So by the above extract we can sum up that HP printers are very easy to use and also easy to resolve issues if a user troubleshoots it.

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